A Smart

Built for SAP SuccessFactors



Team Schedule is an intelligent cloud solution for work-shift planning. It was designed from scratch as an extension to SAP SuccessFactors and runs on SAP BTP, adhering to SAP Product Development Standards, and SAP Fiori User Experience Guidelines.

We use the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform shift planning into an enjoyable experience for both employees and managers, while upholding corporate and government requirements.

SuccessFactors Look & Feel

Team Schedule is designed according to SAP Fiori guidelines. Employees and managers stay in the same familiar SuccessFactors environment, minimizing time and effort for adoption.

SuccessFactors Privacy Protection

Employees’ personal data and saved schedules never leave SAP SuccessFactors, taking advantage of its core data protection framework.

Plug & Play, Zero-Cost Deployment

Deployment and configuration, when:
• no relevant prior customizations to SAP SuccessFactors have been made;
• prerequisite modules already implemented, are free of charge.

State-of-the-art AI Scheduling

Our proprietary, neural-network-based AI improves every day to match our clients' expectations. 

24/7 Support

Our support personnel always monitors the availability of Team Schedule and is available to solve any issue.

Custom Development

Our team would love to hear your feedback and address your specific needs. If we recognize our team's mission in them, implementation will be for free.

Integrated with

• SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
• SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking
• SAP SuccessFactors Payroll
• SAP SuccessFactors Report Center

Bundled deployment and Configuration

Together with our partners from Digital Lights we are able to implement SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking + Team Schedule in less than 3 months.

Watch a recorded introduction of Team Schedule



Faster Scheduling

• AI-generated shift schedule
• Efficient communication with staff
• Employee availability accounted for

Improved Engagement

• Active participation of employees
• Effortless exchanges between employees
• Employee shift preferences

Improved Compliance

• Region-specific fatigue management
• Holistic reporting
• Time Tracking rules
• Reduced payroll errors

Maximum Results in a Shift

• Skill-based scheduling
• Allocation of appropriate resources

Maximum Transparency

• Calendar view accross team hierarchy
• Shift tagging & differentiation
• Custom reports with SF Report Center
• Attendance and tardiness monitoring
• Holiday & absences visualization

Bundled Deployment and Configuration

• Employee Central Time Off
• Employee Central Time Sheet
• SuccessFactors Time Tracking
• Team Schedule



Shift scheduling is essential for every industry. Team Schedule maximizes productivity, and minimizes errors. With streamlined scheduling, organizations can reduce labor costs, improve employee satisfaction, and maintain compliance with labor laws and regulations. Additionally, accurate and timely scheduling helps organizations to meet the demands of their customers while staying competitive in the market.

Oil, Gas and Energy

Location-based scheduling
Substitution management

Cargo, Transportation, and Logistics

Resource-based scheduling
Employee preference management
Demand-based management

Industrial Manufacturing

Substitution management
Schedule sign-off
Competency-based scheduling

Passenger Travel and Leisure

Printable schedules
Employee shift swapping
Split-shift management

Professional Services

On-call shift management
Skill-based shift planning
Remote work support

Regional, State and Local Government

Country-based legislation support
Large volume shift creation
Fair shift distribution rules


Substitution management
In-app traceable communication
Resource-based scheduling